MSN help with passwords and stuff

I’ve blogged a couple of times about MSN Messenger, when the beta came out for version 7.0, and I’ve also blogged about what to do if you lose your password or secret question.  These seem to be the posts that generate the most comments, and emails from people panicking about losing their passwords, or secret questions, or getting their account hacked.  Most of these comments seem to be from people who have found the entry in Google after searching for the how to get their password back.  so it seems to be a topic that the MSN Messenger, or Passport team may want to have a look at and make it more obvious on the site.  Maybe the help text on the site isn’t intuitive enough (maybe the readers are kids?), maybe the process isn’t that easy logical to change your details.  So I was pleased to find out about a new help service offered by MSN in the UK.  MSN Help gives answers to basic questions about things like hack proof passwords, and safety with passwords, and it’s written in a very simple way.  Even better is the link so that you can contact the MSN team directly whenever there’s a problem (a lot of the contact emails I get occur over the weekend strangely enough). 

Hopefully this site will be useful.  It’s not very clearly maked on the MSN home site, but it’s there in the corner all the same.  Maybe we need to put on a panic button “Help me!” for when things get scary…