Outlook 2003 cached mode benefits

I was on the train this afternoon, coming back from a meeting and doing all of the catching up that you need to do from time to time,  email triage and all of that stuff when the bloke (guy) sitting beside me said:

“That’s Outlook 2003 isn’t it?”

“Yes it is, why do you ask?”

“Well we’ve been evaluating it in our company and we can’t see any benefits over the last version”

Oh heck, < put Microsoft hat on, launch into business value mode >

Well how did I justify the benefits?  I went into the functionality, how cached mode is a great way to improve the experience for users.

So how does this work?  Cached mode can cope with interruptions to service caused by network issues. Users work with a local copy of the data, so they probably would be unafected by these interuptions to service.  If these interruptions are significantly longer, the user community won’t suffer significantly. Tools like calendaring, Email, and tasks will still work, however sending and receiving email will be delayed, but won’t interupt the basic flow of the users dily work. 

This business view seemed to appease him and he left the train really enthused about continuing with the pilot.  But I’d have much rather have convinced him over the all of the fantastic new techy features and gone into a description of how cached mode really works.  But his eyes glazed over and I knew I’d lost him then.  Obviously not a techy at all…..

At least this I’d sat next to someone interesting, and not one who just wants to show off all of his mobile gadgets (which are newer / better / bigger / more functional than mine) like some bizzare game of poker…. They’re just a bit wierd… It’s probably related to the car thing…