Blogcast: Customising your Outlook calendar

Allister has taken blogcasting to heart and has produced 2 blogcasts on customising the Outlook calendar and published them on his blog.  The blogcasts covers the sort of stuff that we should already know – but tend to ignore as we get stuck into a pattern of working in a certain way.  It’s really nice to get someone elses way of working on something you take for granted each day…

Part 1 is 1.4mb and runs for 7:52

Part 2 is 1.6mb and runs for 8:52.

I was also going to upload these blogcasts onto Brians excellent blogcast repository, as I’m responsible for “persuading” him to start with my initial email to Rod, but I notice that Allister, shamelessly plugging himself has got there first!..

There are links to other blogcasts here…