Blogcast: Hints and tips on managing Exchange 2003

We regularly get asked about hints and tips for managing Exchange 2003, so Ewan has created a blogcast on managing Exchange 2003 and using MMC snap ins to customise the Administrative environment. its only 2mb in size and runs for 8mins 50secs.

If you like the concept of this bite sized demo based training, why don’t you have a go at creating your own blogcast?  Once you’ve set things up initially, a blogcast doesn’t take very long to produce at all, and there must be lots of topics, hints and tips that you’d love to share with the rest of the blogging community.  After my pleas to Rod about creating blogcasts for MOM and SMS, Brian Tucker has created a storming web site  where you can upload your efforts.  He’s created an amazingly useful site if you need just in time training and it’s well worth a look at the site.

So now – It’s my turn to do some more – it’s about time I got my microphone out again…..

There are links to other Exchange blogcasts here…