Modifying users information in the GAL

I was sent this question recently and I’m stumped for the answer – so I thought I’d turn to the blogging world for assistance.  It’s about modifying information in the GAL.  GALMOD allows users to modify their “own” information in the GAL.

But is there a way to set permissions in Exchange or AD for a certain security group to change other’s info as well?  Like being able to access the GAL from the Outlook Client instead of having to go into AD?

If there was a company with hundreds of external contacts in the GAL who do not have access to our global address list to change their own information  as they do not log on to the system.   Could some of the HR Admins be given permission to change general employee information in the GAL from the Outlook Client.


The only thing I could think of was a solution based on an auto provisioning tool like the hosted solution for an ISP and described here.


Has anyone got any other ideas??