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Web sites and services Management pack for MOM 2005

My colleague Ian just pointed me to this which I thought was worth sharing if you have a web site that needs monitoring… It has a recorder type package that you use to monitor what you are doing on the web, and turns your navigation clicks into a monitoring tool.  Nice…

The MOM Team is pleased to release the Web Sites and Services Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 – English

The Web Sites and Services management pack can be used to monitor availability and performance of Web Sites and Web Services by performing HTTP requests against the monitored entities. 
When monitoring Web Sites, the user can configure the management pack to monitor a stand-alone URL (equivalent of a HTTP “ping”), to monitor a Web page complete with resources (like images and scripts), to validate links on a Web page, and to monitor a Web application. The management pack will measure availability and performance and can validate response content.  It can be configured to alert on certain conditions or to simply collect the measured values.

Core Functionality           
• Perform HTTP GET and POST requests using HTTP 1.0 and 1.1    
• Perform HTTPS requests
• Support editing of HTTP headers      
• Automatic cookie handling
• Retry logic for connection errors
• Support error and warning monitoring criteria   
• Group one or more requests in a sequence in order to build HTTP synthetic transactions

• Capture Web Site navigation and turn into a Request Sequence
• Dynamic evaluation of Web page resources (images, scripts, etc)
• Web Service WSDL parser
• Web Service method parameter editor

Performance metrics and monitoring criteria         
• DNS resolution time
• HTTP request timeout
• HTTP response time
• HTTP response status code
• HTTP response body size
• HTTP response body content
• SSL certificate expiration date
• Request Sequence total response time         

Authentication   • Basic         
• Windows Integrated Authentication        
• Forms authentication


Tape Backup trauma

I loved this blog entry, with the link to the John Cleese sketch – and felt very sheepish as I once lost $100,000 of data due to a faulty tape. 

Very close to my heart.  Thanks Dave. 

P.S. I did press the third button….

Microsoft to buy Groove Networks

I’ve just seen this interesting article on cnet about Microsoft and Groove Networks.  This should be interesting for the future of our collaboration software…

The acquisition will add Groove’s products to the lineup of Microsoft Office System products, servers and services, as well as bring the development talent and technology leadership of top Groove executives to Microsoft. Groove founder Ray Ozzie, the creator of IBM’s Lotus Notes, will become Chief Technical Officer of Microsoft, reporting to Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates.

Link to Microsoft Press article here