Daily Archives: March 2, 2005

Blogcast: Managing your emails

I’m a user of Outlook – not a power user so I welcome any tips on how to improve my email experience, so when I find something useful, I’m really keen to share them.  Things like finding my important mail, managing meetings, using search folders in Outlook and general mailbox management I realise just how few of the inbuilt features I use.

I was chatting to Allister, our Exchange marketing manager about this, and he delivered a blogcast for me on Outlook tips and tricks.  It’s 3mb in size and runs for almost 13 minutes.  I learned quite a bit about Outlook – and  I use it every day!  

There are links to other blogcasts here.  Or why don’t you create your own?  My boss Mike is desperate for anyone to do a blogcast on how to tie a bow tie.  We’ve got no idea and need a video demo!