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My blog has moved too…

You’ve probably seen this from several others.  I assume that you’ve updated all of the links and RSS feeds already.  Cos you’re organised aren’t you?

Here are the new links:



Or you can click the link at the top of the blog and get email updates instead.  Fiendishly clever.

I suppose I’d better update all of my links too!…..


MOM CRM connector

I got an email from Simon today asking all of the MOM gurus to have a look at this.  (I thought it said MOM gnu’s until i found my glasses… oops).  I think it should also be for CRM gurus too though… 

The MOM-CRM Connector download is now live.  The MOM-CRM Connector is a COM+ component for creating the necessary entries in Microsoft CRM and a Web service component for connecting to the MOM 2005 connector framework. The connector code is written in C# on the Microsoft .NET Framework. While MOM 2005 proactively monitors your IT services environment, it raises initial alert warnings that are filtered and forwarded with the Microsoft MOM-CRM connector to Microsoft CRM 1.2 Customer Service, where a trouble ticket is generated, and where you can assign, manage, and resolve the cases with automated routing, queuing, and escalation of service requests, along with case management, tracking, and auto-response e-mail.

This connector was developed for Microsoft by a Microsoft partner in Switzerland, Lambert Consulting                   

The source code is available here

Please send feedback to Frank Koch (Bern).

TechNet Radio broadcasts

I noticed that TechNet radio is delivering an audio broadcast of the Security features of XPSP2 delivered by security wiz Steve Riley.  You can listen to it anywhere.

Aha… That means it’s a podcast doesn’t it?

But there isn’t an RSS feed on the page, so now I agree with Mr Scoble about this… So how can I find out about the new stuff on this site without an RSS feed?  These buttons are my little orange pills that I subscribe to that make my life so much easier…

It’s a good broadcast though….

MSN help with passwords and stuff

I’ve blogged a couple of times about MSN Messenger, when the beta came out for version 7.0, and I’ve also blogged about what to do if you lose your password or secret question.  These seem to be the posts that generate the most comments, and emails from people panicking about losing their passwords, or secret questions, or getting their account hacked.  Most of these comments seem to be from people who have found the entry in Google after searching for the how to get their password back.  so it seems to be a topic that the MSN Messenger, or Passport team may want to have a look at and make it more obvious on the site.  Maybe the help text on the site isn’t intuitive enough (maybe the readers are kids?), maybe the process isn’t that easy logical to change your details.  So I was pleased to find out about a new help service offered by MSN in the UK.  MSN Help gives answers to basic questions about things like hack proof passwords, and safety with passwords, and it’s written in a very simple way.  Even better is the link so that you can contact the MSN team directly whenever there’s a problem (a lot of the contact emails I get occur over the weekend strangely enough). 

Hopefully this site will be useful.  It’s not very clearly maked on the MSN home site, but it’s there in the corner all the same.  Maybe we need to put on a panic button “Help me!” for when things get scary…

Live Meeting Portal

If you use Live Meeting, then there is a new Live meeting portal available for download to allow you to manage Live meeting more effectively.  I use it all the time – its great for going through slide decks with the team when we’re all sitting at home working.  We upload the slide deck, dial in to the conference number and discuss and make amendments to the deck.  Saves time emailing the deck for everyone to review at ther leisure, and then collating all of the responses, and I don’t need to VPN in to get access to any sharepoint workspaces either. There is full documentation included with the download too.

So if you don’t have Live Meeting?  don’t stop reading… You can download Live meeting for a free 2 week trial so you can impress everyone with the functionality before deciding to order it.

And if you don’t know what Live meeting does?  Have a look at the product overview from the Live meeting site, or get some training (links from the Office site)

I just didn’t want to go into the office today.  It’s raining and cold here, and the office is 130 miles away. So I used this instead… J

Securing MOM 2005

I had a question from Tony over the weekend (he must have had a busy time rolling out MOM!) and he was asking how some security questions.  They had 2 management groups which they planned to connect to the central group using the MOM to MOM product connector and MCF.  He was concerned about privileges of the MOM service and which security accounts needed access to which directories.

I had a search on the web, and found this useful guide which documents how to secure the MOM servers and agents which should keep the security team happy.

Good luck with the security meeting Tony!

Windows Server Update Services released to Web

So SUS has changed to US, and it’s now available to download.  Here’s some of the key features:

Microsoft is also announcing the official name – Windows Server Update Services, or Update Services for short, of the next version of Software Update Services (SUS).  Update Services is a corporate update management offering used by SMB and enterprise customers to update Microsoft software, and is available free of charge to customers of Windows Server (2000 and above).  The Release Candidate of Windows Server Update Services includes new features such as: 

· Replica mode for WS Update Services server hierarchies, making them easier to manage

· SSL connections between WS Update Services servers and clients, providing an even more secure end-to-end environment

·  Automatic Update policy to allow non-administrators to receive update notifications, offering greater flexibility in organizations where logged on users are commonly not administrators


How can you obtain the Windows Update Services RC, associated documentation, and tools?

· Go to this site:  

·Register and download the release

It is important to note the following regarding content support for your existing Beta 2 installation:

  • The last update to the beta Microsoft Update service was made on March 8th. As a result, Windows Update Services Beta 2 will no longer receive new updates. We encourage you to download the Release Candidate of Windows Server Update Services as soon as possible to continue receiving updates and testing the product.
  • Existing content on the beta Microsoft Update service will be available for server synchronization until April 22, 2005. After that date, that service will be decommissioned and Windows Update Services Beta 2 installations will not be able to receive any content.